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" I am writing to unequivocally recommend Edna Childres as Baby Doula.  Edna came to my family when my daughter, Hazel, was almost one month old.  She was colicky, and would cry continually from late afternoon into the late evening.  After my husband and I tried everything unsuccessfully to calm her, Edna was finally able to within minutes of meeting our little one.  Edna stayed with us for several months until Hazel’s colick passed, always doing a wonderful job at soothing and nurturing our baby.  A few weeks after joining us, I began leaving both Hazel and my toddler with Edna, so I could get out of the house.   It was a great comfort knowing I was leaving my children in competent and trustworthy hands.  Any family would be fortunate to have Edna as their caregiver. "

~ Reina Frater

" Edna worked for me for 4 months as a Postpartum Doula/Newborn Specialist at night. As soon as I came home from the hospital she came over and helped. She was referred to me by my OB/GYN who had used her with his own babies. She made everything fall in place. She worked from 8pm-8am 6 nights a week and was willing to coming in if needed at any time. She was a pleasure to have in our home. She would feed and bath my babies at night and get them to sleep. She was always on top of everything. Edna would make sure the babies were well cared for through the night. Edna would make sure the babies were dry and clean along with their beds. She always had their nursery stocked and maintained with supplies for the next day. I would get up in the morning and all the bottles were sterilized and prepared for the next day. She made our lives easy. I was sad to see her time with us come to an end. Edna got the babies to sleep for 5 to 6 hour at night which gave us some much needed sleep. I still call upon Edna to watch my babies from time to time. I would recommend her to anyone. "

Warmest Regards,
Missy Johnson

" My wife and I feel fortunate to have found Edna.  She truly saved the day by helping my wife and me sleep through the night during our difficult and challenging “baby with colic” experience.  Edna took very good care of our little boy and he seemed to feel at ease in her presence.  I learned some very useful tips for caring for an infant from Edna, who is a naturally gifted doula with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Thanks in large part to Edna, our family now sleeps through the night. "

Sincerely yours,
David Weck

" We had a wonderful experience working with Edna Childres.  We initially hired her for overnight relief with our colicky 5-week old son.  When Edna first came to our house, Ryan was crying in pain and discomfort off and on all day long and would only sleep for extended periods of time while lying on another body.  After just one night, Edna had Ryan sleeping in his crib, waking up only once or twice a night.  When I started taking over a night or two, I could tell that Ryan was totally set in a routine and was very comfortable sleeping in his bed.

Edna is very professional and experienced.  I was very comfortable with the way she handled and interacted with our son – she comforted him almost immediately the first time we met!  She gives a lot of great advice and suggestions and is truly interested in helping families successfully adjust to life with a new baby.  I would highly recommend her services and will use her again myself should the need arise. "


" I used Edna for my twins last year for about 3 months. She worked from 10pm to 8am four nights a week. Edna was really good with the boys. She would feed them, get them back to sleep and make sure the were all ways clean and dry. Edna would do the boys wash and make the bottles for the next day. The boys room were always clean and well stalked for the next day. The boys really enjoyed Edna and we still have her watch all 3 of my children. I wish I would of known her and was able to use her with my first child. She made my life easier. "

~Jeanie Que

" I am writing on behalf of Edna Childres. Edna has been nannying for our family for almost two months now and has been helping out primarily with our newborn daughter, born at the end of October of 2008. Our daughter has relatively mild (“relative” is the operative word—she still cries a lot!) colic and reflux, particularly in the evenings, and Edna has helped us in the evenings dealing with this less-than-fun situation. We have an older daughter (almost 2 years old), with whom Edna also helps from time to time.

Edna has been a real life-saver. I am often home for at least a part of the time Edna is with our daughter, and have had a fair amount of time observing Edna with her. Edna is fantastic at soothing her, and is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive regarding what our daughter needs to calm down. My wife and I trust Edna and sincerely appreciate all that she does for us. My wife and I have even learned quite a bit from Edna as far as techniques that we have used to sooth our daughter’s upset tummy when Edna is not here.

When interviewing nannies, I would suggest letting the prospective nanny hold your baby. Carefully observe how the baby reacts. We tried this with others, and it became very clear that Edna knows her way around babies—especially newborns. She is a natural. Don’t take our word for it—take your baby’s! You’ll see what I mean…"

~ Zev Eigen

Edna came into our family when our newborn was 2 months old.  We feel so blessed to have had Edna come into our lives.  This was truly one of the most difficult times we have had.  Our son has reflux and colic and would not sleep for us.  We tried pretty much everything that we could think of and nothing would help soothe our child.  The day we met Edna she got our son to sleep within minutes of holding him.  She could read our child so well and figured out exactly what worked for him within the first day of meeting him!  She is amazing!   

Edna had our son sleeping through the night within a few weeks (when he was only 3 months old) and now has him on a great routine and he goes to bed when my three year old goes to bed around 8:00pm and he does not wake until 7:30am when my daughter wakes up. Edna has been so helpful with all of her knowledge and expertise when I had any questions about my son’s medicine or formula she had the right answers which helped so much in caring for my newborn.  Edna also gave us great advice when it came to the baby’s nursery.  Her suggestions were perfect such as playing music, having a fan and she taught us the perfect way to swaddle our baby. Her techniques are amazing and our son was so lucky that we found her!  He is a happier little guy now because of her!  

My husband and I felt so comfortable with Edna and had several “date nights” which we have not had in a longtime!  She made our lives easy and we really enjoyed having her in our home and felt like she became part of the family.  

My three year old daughter sums it all up….one night when Edna was not with us my son was crying at bedtime and I could not get him to settle down and my daughter says to me “Where is Edna when you need her!”  It was exactly what I was thinking but my daughter said it and I just started to laugh so hard because she even knew how great Edna is and how she made bedtime so much easier for our family.   

The biggest mistake I made was not calling Edna sooner.  I had her number on my desk for weeks but the doctor kept telling me that our son has colic and he will grow out of it so I waited and it just got worse.   The day Edna came into our family, she made everything better and we are going to miss her greatly! 

Any family would be fortunate to have Edna as their caregiver! 

Truly,   Jodi Squires

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September 24, 2009 

Letter of Recommendation – Edna Childres 

I highly recommend Edna Childres as a postpartum doula. Edna began working with our family when our son was six weeks old. He had severe reflux and because of that, he slept in very short intervals and only when on top of me. Edna was able to help us transition our son into his crib and showed us tricks to make him feel very secure – almost like he was being held. He was sleeping in his crib and was a much happier baby in a matter of a few weeks, and was completely (and gently) sleep trained in a matter of months.  

’s Hospital when our son was having more reflux related issues. Edna has a wealth of experience and knowledge and she taught us a great deal about caring for our baby. She is wonderful with newborns and makes the lives of new parents infinitely easier.  

- Lisa Wynne

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